Arthritis? Does your pet have it?

As your pet ages there is the possibility that he will develop arthritis or joint pain. This can occur anywhere in the body.

arthritis injection

Zydax arthritis injection (Rentosan)

The most common places however are the hips and spine.

Arthritis injections – available

Nowadays we have some truly miraculous Treatment Regimes to reduce the symptoms so that your pet will be with you longer and have a greater quality of life.

It has been my pleasure to assist in making the lives of dogs and cats more pleasant and pain-free through judicious use of modern advanced medications and physical therapies – for example Pentosan injections combined with supplements like Glide®


Don’t forget that I can include Veterinary Acupuncture in the treatment of your pet’s arthritis condition.

Supportive Treatments

We can also supply essential supportive medications, including:


Glyde® arthritis Treatment

Glyde®  Treatment


4cyte arthritis treatment

4cyte  treatment



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