Desexing – NEW Chemical Castration of Male Dogs & Ferrets


NEW Chemical Desexing available for Male Dogs & Ferrets

Soon to be Available for Female Dogs and Male/Female Cats

As discussed in our Available Products section, multiple countries have approved Suprelorin®
(manufactured by Virbac Animal Health) to provide long-term suppression of fertility and reduction of libido in male dogs.

What about female dogs and the feline contingent, you ask?

Due to its mechanism of action, research has shown that deslorelin (the active ingredient in Suprelorin) is effective at suppressing the fertility and hormone-driven behaviors of cats and female dogs, as well. Though not yet approved for contracepting animals beyond male dogs, several studies have been undertaken to learn more about deslorelin as a contraceptive for cats and female dogs. Below are some key considerations based on data currently available.suprelorin-dog-figure



NEW Suprelorin® 12 (9.4mg) Implant for dogs alternative to surgical castration

  • » Causes infertility from 8 weeks after implantation for at least 12 months
  • »  Testosterone returns to normal level within 24 months in 68% of dogs and within 30 months in 95% of dogs treated
  • »  Repeated treatment is given every 12 months to maintain effect



  • Super Easy, Convenient and Safe!
  • We can do it in your home!
  • As simple as a Vaccination, Heartworm Injection or a Microchip – the implant can be done during a usual House-call session
  • Can be topped up annually along with the annual Vaccinations and Heartworm Injection.
  • No need for risky Anaesthetic or surgical procedure – totally reversible
  • Can be done in the comfort & Convenience of your home
  • Your puppy does not need to be taken to the vet clinic


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