Elderly Pet Care

ELDERLY Pet DOGSo you have an elderly pet – dog or cat – who is just not as lively as he or she used to be. Maybe they aren’t eating as well as they once did. Maybe they chronic disease such a tumours or cancer, arthritis or just pain or stiffness.

I am often asked what can be done for the pat as they age.
The answer is a resounding YES
There are many things we can do to assist your elderly pet and impri=ove their quality of life such as:

It is important to have checkups at least twice a year to see how your pet is travelling.

We should do a range of tests that might include Blood and Urine Tests.

We would also suggest continuing with Annual Vaccination, Heartworm Prevention and worming. Also taking care of external parasites such as Fleas and Ticks.ELDERLY Pet CAT

Refer to CaringVet.com.au for more Palliative Care, Hospice@home and Compassionate in-home Euthanasia


Our Arsenal includes these regimes – you my not be aware that we have such treatments

Special Treatment Regimes for Elderly Pets

Arthritis Regime

Anti-Arthritis injections; ZYDAX®(Pentosan), a disease modifying osteoarthritis drug (DMOAD), is almost a miracle drug for all forms of Arthritis
Suppliments such as GLIDE® to assist with Joint Repair
also pain relief as required
This combination is generally very effective

We can of course access / refer your pet for further state-of-the-art treatments such as
Platelet Rich Plasma
Stem Cell Extraction

Appetite / Bulking Regime
Anabolic Agents to help build body mass and increase appetite
Vitamin B injections

Heart Failure Regime
Specific Cardiac Muscle Medications
Fluid removal medication

Tumour Regime
Pain Relief

Dementia Regime
Vitamin B Injections
Other medications as required
Special Prescription Diets to treat Cognitive Impairment

There are more specific regimes we can apply fior individual circumstances tho give your pet a long and loyal life as your friend.

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