Honours and Awards

TAFE award 20 year certificateTAFE 20 year of Service Certificate (2011)

TAFE NSW January 2015

Actually I have served in TAFE for nearly 25 years. As the certificate states… “in recognition of your valuable contribution to education and training in New South Wales” …in educating and training Animal Care professionals throughout NSW in a wide range of occupations: veterinary nurses, animal technicians, animal attendants and many others.







TAFE award - medal

TAFE / DEC Medal

TAFE NSW March 2015

In recognition of a long and distinguished career in service to the public of New South Wales particularly in Education and Training in the “service to students“.

TAFE award - medal

TAFE award – medal

Importantly, this is only bestowed upon retired staff who have an exemplary and unblemished record of service to the public of New South Wales:

Badge of the NSW Teachers Federation (March 2015):

NSWTF awardThe citation reads:
in recognition of your contribution in promoting the quality of education and the welfare of your fellow teachers through your longstanding membership of the New South Wales Teachers Federation”

The Motto reads: “Qui docet discit”, which translates to  He who teaches learns


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