Horse Vaccinations & Health Advice

Hendra horse vaccinations

Dr Dave can provide all horse vaccinations and health advice for your pleasure horse:

Hendra Horse Vaccination (Eqivac® HeV)

Dr Dave is fully accredited with Vets Australia to Vaccinate  your horse or pony for the initial course of Hendra Virus Vaccinations and then to undertake the 6 monthly boosters.

This disease is also a serious health risk to you as an owner. The latest evidence is that the disease is no longer confined to the NSW/Qld border region but has been found as far south as Adelaide.

Dr Dave can also Microchip your horse if he is not already chipped.

I can also enter your horses details onto the official database and henceforth maintain the data.

I can also arrange Groupdiscounts for Pony Club and other multi Vaccination / Microchip sessions. Just call me to discuss…

horse vaccinations




Strangles Vaccination (Equivac® S)

horse vaccinations

Tetanus Vaccination – Toxoid & Antitoxin (Equivac® TAT)horse vaccinations





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