Microchip Implantation

Dogs and Cats



In NSW, it is a requirement of The Companion Animals Act for ALL cats and dogs to have a microchip and be registered with their local NSW council by 6 months of age.


ALL councils in NSW can access this database. Dr Dave can Implant a Microchip in your pet so that you and your best friend comply with the law.

I can arrange to Vaccinate and Microchip litters and individual puppies and kittens at reduced cost.

Microchip implantation
Other Animals
I can also arrange special Microchip Implantations in a variety of species – including mammals, birds and even invertebrates (i.e. bird-eating spiders). Call me to discuss your requirements.
ALL horses in NSW need to be microchipped and appear on the Register.
They also need current and regular Hendra Virus Vaccination.
Dr Dave can arrange Microchipping and Vaccination of your horse or Pony Club group. Call me to discuss your requirements.
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