Pet Care Advice

Dr Dave can give professional Pet Care Advice in particular –

Nutritional AdvicePet Care Advice

With the extensive range of pet foods available in our supermarkets and pet stores, it can be hard to pick the right one for your pet. Whilst palatability is important, it can be hard to know which ones have been regularly tested to ensure that they are providing the right nutritional balance to your dog or cat.
Let Dr Dave design a nutritional plan for your pet. Pets of different ages will require different types of food. If you have a pet with weight problems, diabetes, liver or kidney problems, pancreatitis or even bad teeth, we can find a premium prescription or wellness diet to suit your pet correctly.
Dr Dave can arrange to order and deliver items from an extensive range of vet supplies and pet foods for you to choose from.

Prescription DietsPet Care Advice

Dr Dave can supply both Hills® and Iams® Prescription Diets for almost any heath or medical problem

Pet  Behaviour Advice

Dr Dave  can advise on all Behaviour Problems in cats and dogs and all other pets.

Refer to -> Behaviour Advice

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