Pet Health Checks

Puppy and Kitten Health Checks

A Health Checks for your new puppy or kitten is essential to ensure your new pet is healthy and does not suffer from no congenital or developmental problems.
During the check-up Dr Dave can provide you a range of advice including: puppy and kitten training, nutrition and general pet care.


Elderly Cat & Dog Health Checks

Dr Dave has a particular interest in the care of elderly pet dogs and cat..
As your ages much faster than you do, it is important to have regular check ups – even twice a year – to nip problems in the bub and to ensure that your pet is with you for as long as possible.

Arthritis Assessment and Treatment

As your pet ages there is the possibility that he will develop Arthritis of joint pain , that can occur anywhere in the body. The most common places however are the hips and spine.

Nowadays we have some truly miraculous Treatment Regimes to reduce the symptoms so that your pet will be with you longer and have a greater quality of life.

Dr Dave can provide these advanced medications and treatment regimes to your pet in the comfort of your home.

I can also offer Veterinary Acupuncture as an integrated treatment option.


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