Worming – Parasite Control



Worming your pet dog or cat

Heartworm Control

Heartworm is a serious disease for Dogs Cats and Ferrets.

We can easily control or Prevent Heartworm with regular Heartworm Preventative Treatments:



These can be given MONTHLY via MOUTH or SPOT-ON preparations.


OR ANNUALLY via INJECTION in fully grown DOGs:

Dr Dave can inject your pet with the annual Heartburn preventative ProHeartSR12 in your home.proheart

I can also supply Monthly Spot-on and Oral Multi Medications. Just call me to arrange this.


Worm Control Advice

Often worm control ais included in the multi treatment with the Heartworm Preventative. Call me to discuss your particular requirements.


Tick and Flea Control Advice

UnknownDr Dave can provide an in depth assessment of your pet’s flea or tick problem in your home where the problem really is. I can recommend a wide range of different control and preventative products to suit your pet and its environment.
There are some fantastic multi-action products on the market today and I can arrange a logical, efficacious and cost effective strategy to deal with Flea Problems.

Mite Control

Often these are included in the multi treatment with the Heartworm Preventative – Sentinel & Heartguard 

There are many different species of Mites that affect Dogs, cats and many other species of mammals and birds. Call me to discuss.

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