VetBlog: Beware Chocolates for your pet – the sweet things can kill!

Chocolate CakeEaster is a time for chocolates – bunnies, bibles, bring ‘em all on. But NOT for your dog – it could be fatal! Of course Easter is the main time for this to occur when many households have stockpiles of chocolates stashed around the place. Remember dogs are good at sniff it out and finding it.

There is a current trend to darker type chocolate, which may be better for us humans, but is far worse for our pets, should they eat it.

See the problem lies in the following basic ingredients in the chocolate: Theobromine as well as Caffeine.

So if your pet dog is displaying the following signs then you should seek urgent veterinary attention ASAP –

•     Vomiting

•     Diarrhoea

•     Increased body temperature

•     Increased reflex responses

•     Muscle rigidity

•     Rapid breathing

•     Increased heart rate

•     Low blood pressure

•     Seizures

•     Advanced signs (cardiac failure, weakness, and coma)

So before you sling your pooch that nice Easter chocky it bears considering that it might

be his last…

Have a great Easter.

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