VetBlog: Easter Foods and Dogs – leftovers can be fatal!

Lamb RoastWhat a great time it is for getting the family together over the Easter break with all that post-Lent fare. But don’t let this become an emergency for your pet dog.

Yes dogs evolved as scavenger eons ago but the human diet, let alone that of dogs, has changed dramatically since then. All of our domestically grown meats are now far fattier than they once used to be, for instance until not long ago Prime Spring Lamb in this country was referred to as “Fat Lamb”.

Dogs are particularly prone to “Religious Holiday- itis” in other words Pancreatitis which can be fatal by simply indulging in the leftovers from your festive table – lamb, pork, turkey…any kind of fatty meat in fact. You should also avoid feeding your dog cooked bones as well.

Particularly if your pet dog is displaying the following signs then you should seek urgent veterinary attention ASAP –




•Loss of appetite (anorexia)

•Weight loss (more common in cats)


•Fatigue and sluggishness

•Mild to severe abdominal pain (may become more sever after eating)


•Increased heart rate

•Difficulty breathing

So before you sling your pooch that leftover joint of meat it bears considering that it might

be his last…

Have a great Easter.


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